Comfort, simplicity in use, and reliability.

  • Internal plate pockets for soft armour panels (NIJ Level IIA – IIIA).
  • Material of soft armour panel: Twaron para-aramid or UHMWPE.
  • Soft armour panels are sealed inside a waterproof case.
  • Internal plate pockets for hard armour plates (NIJ Level III – IV).
  • Hard armour plate pockets accommodate 10” x 12” or 10” x 14” plates.
  • Outer cover is made from polyester and polyamide fabrics of our own production.
Option of Equipment #1

Front, Back and Groin Protection

Protection Area: 49-53 dm2
Vary depending on bulletproof vest size.

  • Shoulder adjustment and fastening. (Photo)
  • Adjustment at the waist. (Photo)
  • Non-removable groin protector. Can be fixed under the front plate pocket to provide additional protection. (2 Photos)
  • Three pouches for six rifle magazines and two pouches for grenades on the front. (Photo)
  • Horizontal holder for bayonet knife. (Photo)
  • Holder for CamelBak hydration pack (3 litres capacity). (Photo)
Option of Equipment #2

Front, Back, Groin and Neck Protection

Protection Area: 57-62 dm2
Vary depending on bulletproof vest size.

  • Removable ballistic neck protector.
Optional Accessories
  • Removable ballistic hip protectors.
  • Removable ballistic lower back protector.

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