Designed for military personnel and crews of infantry fighting vehicle, armored personnel carrier, tank, self-propelled artillery and other combat vehicle to provide protection from exposure to high temperatures and flame. Can be used in combination with the bulletproof vest “CORSAIR MT” to protect against shell fragments and 9mm calibre bullets.

Made from flame-resistant meta-aramid material Conex with ignition temperature – 610C.

  • Zip up front closure.
  • Stand or turndown collar.
  • Two chest pockets, two sleeve pockets, two thigh pockets.
  • Adjustment at the waist.
  • Reinforced knees and elbows to prevent injuries while working in combat vehicle.
  • Seams are doubled to enhance the strength.
  • “Man down” drag handle for quick evacuation from combat vehicle. Drag handle is located inside the suit and can be extracted if necessary.
  • Elastic and zipper adjustable sleeves and ankles.
  • Break away back by zip-fastener. Can be unzipped by one hand.

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