Designed to protect from blunt force trauma, cold weapon and impact energy up to 20 J.
It is effective and reliable suite for riot control, domestic disturbance, cell extraction or other tactical situation.

Protection Area: 75.2 dm2
Weight: 6.8±0.1 kg

Protective elements can be used separately.

Upper Body and Shoulder Protection

Front, Back and Shoulder Protection
Protection Area: 40 dm2
Weight: 4.2±0.1 kg

  • Front, back and shoulder protective panels and padded inserts are attached for protection against cold weapon.
  • Protective panels: metal inserts (aluminium alloy) or soft armour panels.
    Utility pockets on the front.
  • Removable shoulder protectors with protective panels.
  • MOLLE webbing on the back.
Forearm Protector

Protection Area: 8.8 dm2
Weight: 0.4±0.05 kg

  • Two connected elements: forearm protection from wrist to elbow and from shoulder to elbow.
  • Fastening and adjustment by elastic straps.
  • Attached to the upper body protection in the shoulder area.
Thigh and Groin Protector

Protection Area: 7.4 dm2
Weight: 0.7±0.1 kg

  • Shorts with integrated belt.
  • Side zippers for quick donning and release of the shorts over the uniform.
  • Padded panels and shockproof elements are inserted for groin and thigh protection.
  • Tailbone area protection is enhanced by padded inserts.
Knee and Shin Guards

Protection Area: 19 dm2
Weight: 0.55±0.05 kg

  • Protection of ankle joint, tibia and knee-joint.
  • Adjustable straps give a secure fit.

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